Weekly & Special Programs

Programs @ HBPL: Weeklies, Specials & No Child left Inside

In order to register for programs children must have their own HBPL library cards. Library cards are given at birth, please go to the Circulation Desk to get your child their very own card. Registration for all Weekly Programs, with the exception of our PreK Program, is unlimited. Special Program registration is limited based on the nature of the program. Parents/caregivers are always welcome to bring younger and/or older siblings of the registered child to a pre-school program however, if the children are both/all of the program’s specified age each one must be registered separately to guarantee the proper amount of supplies. Registration dates are noted in the News From The Children’s Room section of the Newsletter. Summer programming phone registration is only taken a day after the original registration date.

The recurring Weekly Programs offered in the HBPL Children’s Room run for five weeks within each newsletter period (January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/ October & November/December). In addition, we also offer an average of at least a dozen Special Programs during each newsletter period. Our Special Programs are based on Music, Arts & Crafts, Pregnancy & Birth, Progressive Parenting Themes, Exercise (Yoga & Zumbini), Creativity & Baking, Children’s Literature & Illustration, Authors, Illustrators & Award Winners, Animals & Benefits for local wildlife refuges, Outreach from local farms, museums and educational institutions and much more. See your newsletter for details on current programs.

Our Weekly Programs:

You are your child’s first teacher, use the library to begin the education of your child – the whole child. Our Weeklies are not an early representative of mainstream education. Our programs are based on the philosophies of whole child education – they involve far more than academic goals incorporating great focus on physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and mindful goals as well.

Gleeful Listen & Play

Birth -3 years with adult

Little ones will happily gain early literacy skills listening to stories and develop motor and social skills through playtime.

PreK Program: Mindful Learn & Play

3-5 years independent

Transforming learning and play into an art that educates the whole child, this program will instill mindful techniques in preschoolers through age-appropriate meditation, yoga and amazing play.

 Special Programs:

No Child Left Inside

Tween Time (5th & 6th Grade)

Children in grades 5 & 6 can now attend Tween Time programs after school without an adult. Students attending these programs may remain in the department until parental pickup (no later than 6pm). A signed permission slip for each program is required prior to attendance. Any child who arrives without a signed permission slip must call a parent for IMMEDIATE pick up. Permission slips are available in the children’s room.

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