Get a Library Card

To Obtain membership at the library:
NEW RESIDENTS of the community must provide two (2) items listed below. The library card will be mailed to the address and two books may be circulated that day. No videos can be taken out until the card is received in the mail.

FAMILY MEMBERS OF EXISTING PATRONS(in good standing), living in the same household, can apply for a library card and receive the card the same day. New adult patrons must produce one form of identification and sign for the card.

Items from the following list will be accepted as proof of residency. Items must have name and street address (Post office boxes are not acceptable proof of residency.)

  • Tax Bill
  • Deed
  • Lease
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Bill
  • License or Vehicle Registration
  • Any Other Legal Document With Street Address