Recommended Reading for Mindful Learn & Play

Recommended Reading for Librarians, Instructors and Parents

Beyond Ecophobia; Reclaiming the Heart in Nature Education by David Sobel

The Boy on the Beach; Building Community Through Play by Vivian Gussin Paley

Buddhism for Parents On the Go by Sarah Napthali

Building Resilience in Children and Teens; Giving Kids Roots and Wings by Kenneth R. Ginsburg

Calm and Compassionate Children by Susan Usha Dermond

Cool Cats Calm Kids; Relaxation and Stress Management for Young People by Mary L.Williams

Children at Play; Using Waldorf Principles to Foster Childhood Development by Heidi Britz-

Children’s Special Places by David Sobel

Child’s Mind; Mindfulness Practices to Help Our Children Be More Focused, Calm and Relaxed by Christopher Willard

Child’s Play; Montessori Games and Activities for Your Baby and Toddler by Maja PItamic

A Child’s Work; the Importance of Fantasy Play by Vivian Gussin Paley

The Conscious Parent; Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children by Shefali Tsabary

The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff

Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature by Jon Young, Ellen has, Evan McGown

Creating Innovators; The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World by Tony Wagner

Creative Yoga for Children; Inspiring the Whole Child Through Yoga, Songs, Literature andGames by Adrienne Rawlinson

Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms; Designing and Implementing Child-Centered Learning Environments by Eric M. Nelson

The Cultural Creatives; How 50 Million People Are Changing the World by Paul H. Ray and Sherry R. Anderson

Dumbing Us Down; the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

Einstein Never Used Flashcards; How Our Children Really Learn and Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less by Roberta Michnick Golinkoff

The Essence of Waldorf Education by Peter Seig

Everywhere All the Time: A New Deschooling Reader by Matt Hern

Finding Happiness in Simplicity by Gail Fraser and Art Poulin

Free to Learn; Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-
Reliant and Better Students for Life
by Peter Gray

Free-Range Kids; How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children by Lenore Skenazy

Free-Range Learning; How Homeschooling Changes Everything by Laura Grace Wheldon

The Genius in Every Child; Encouraging Character, Curiosity and Creativity in Children by Rick Ackerly

A Handful of Quiet by Thich Nhat Hanh

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron

The Homework Myth; Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing by Alfie Kohn

Honey for a Child’s Heart; the Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life by Gladys Hunt

How to Be a Zen Mama by Betsy McKee Henry

How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

The Hundred Languages of Children; The Reggio Emilia Experience in Transformation by Carolyn Edwards

I Am by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I Love Dirt! by Jennifer Ward

I Love You Rituals by Becky A. Bailey

In a Nutshell by Joseph Anthony

In Their Own Way; Discovering and Encouraging Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences by Thomas Armstrong

The Incarnating Child by Joan Salter

Into the Field; A Guide to Locally Focused Teaching by Clare W. Leslie, John Tallmadge, Tom Wessels

Instead of Education by John Holt

It’s a Jungle Out There! 52 Nature Adventures for City Kids by Jennifer Ward

The Joyful Child by Peggy Jenkins

The Kingdom of Childhood; Introductory Talks on Waldorf Education by Rudolf Steiner

Last Child in the Woods; Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv

Learning All the Time by John Holt

Living Like a Child; Learn, Live, and Teach Creatively by Enrique C. Feldman

Mind in the Making; The Seven Essential Life Skills That Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky

The Mind-Up Curriculum; Grades PreK -12 by The Hawn Foundation

The Mindful Child; How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder and More Compassionate by Susan Kaiser Greenland

Mindful Movements; Ten Exercises for Well-Being by Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness by Deborah Schoeberlein

Montessori Letter Work by Bob and June George

Montessori Today; A Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood by Paula Polk Lillard

My Mama Earth by Susan B. Katz

A Natural Sense of Wonder; Connecting Kids with Nature Through the Seasons by Rick Van Noy

The Nature Principle by Richard Louv

No Excuses! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

No Student Left Indoors by Jane Kirkland

Nurture Shock by Po Bronson

The One World School House; Education Reimagined by Salman Khan

Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally by Hywel Roberts

Optimal Parenting; Using Natural Learning Rhythms to Nurture the Whole Child by Ba Luvmour

Out of the Classroom and into the World by Salvatore Vascellaro

Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools by Thomas Wildgruber

Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child by Julie B. Rosenshein

The Parent’s Guide to Alternatives in Education by Ronald E. Koetzsch

The Parent’s Tao Te Ching by William Martin

Place –Based Education by David Sobel

Planting Seeds; Practicing Mindfulness with Children by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Play’s the Thing; Teachers’ Roles in Children’s Play by Elizabeth Jones and Gretchen Reynolds

Playful Learning; Develop Your Child’s Sense of Joy and Wonder by Mariah Bruehl

The Power of Validation by Karyn D. Hall

Project-Based Homeschooling; Mentoring Self-Directed Learners by Lori Pickert

The Rhythm of Family by Amanda B. Soule

The School Revolution; A New Answer for Our Broken Education System by Ron Paul

The Schools Our Children Deserve; Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and “Tougher Standards” by Alfie Kohn

Starbright; Meditations for Children by Maureen Garth

Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Cornell

Supporting Play Birth Through Age Eight by Dorothy J. Sluss

Take the Time; Mindfulness for Kids by Maud Roegiers

Teach Me to Do it Myself; Montessori Activities for You and Your Child by Maja Pitamic

Teach Your Children Well; Parenting for Authentic Success by Madeline Levine

Teach Your Own; The John Holt Book of Homeschooling by John Holt

Transformational Teaching; Waldorf-Inspired Methods in the Public School by Mary Goral

Trust and Wonder; A Waldorf Approach to Caring for Infants and Toddlers by Eldbjorg G. Paulsen

Understanding Waldorf Education; Teaching from the Inside Out by Jack Petrash

The Unschooled Mind; How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach by Howard Gardner

Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich

The Unschooling Handbook; How to Use the Whole World As Your Child’s Classroom by Mary Griffith

The Unschooling Unmanual by Jan and Jason Hunt

Ungifted; Intelligence Redefined by Scott Barry Kaufman

Unstoppable Me! by Dr. Wayne W Dyer

Waldorf Alphabet Book by Famke Zonneveld

A Warm and Gentle Welcome; Nurturing Children from Birth to Age Three by Trice Atchison and Margaret Ris

Weapons of Mass Instruction; A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

What Do You Really Want for Your Children? by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

What Is Waldorf Education? by Rudolf Steiner

What Is a Waldorf Kindergarten? by Sharifa Oppenheimer

The Wonder of Trees; Nature Activities for Children by Andrea Frommherz and Edith Biedermann

Working in the Reggio Way; A Beginner’s Guide for American Teachers by Julianne P. Wurm

Yoga Adventure for Children by Helen Purperhart

Yoga Bear; Yoga for Youngsters by Karen Pierce

Yoga Fun for Toddlers, Children, & You by Juliet Pegrum

You Are a Lion: And Other Fun Yoga Poses by Taeeum Yoo

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher by Rahima B. Dancy

10 Mindful Minutes by Goldie Hawn

101 Relaxation Games for Children by Allison Bartl